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Technology characteristics

4th Blockchain

By combining blockchain and time/space concept, 4th Blockchain benefits from increased processing speed and foolproof security.

Space-time Algorithm

The time and space algorithms use values of time and space for time stamp and live positioning.

512 Node maintenance

Securing time is a common feature for storing data in a blockchain.

Consensus algorithm

With purpose to make mobile mining possible, SOOM TECH designed two innovative consensus algorithm named Proof-of-Group-Stake(POGS) and Proof-of-Transaction (POT) consensus algorithms. Based on these algorithms, 4th Blockchain core will be operating on P2P basis with widely increased speed. In addition, these consensus algorithms also speed up transaction.

POGS (Proof-of-Group Stake)

POGS consensus algorithm is developed by SOOM TECH, it uses Grouping technology, where each node is part a Group.

POT (Proof-of-Transaction)

Proof-Of-Transaction is a consensus algorithm to encourage transactions. The idea is to provide to nodes that performed a lot of transactions within a short time the opportunity to create a block.

Dual security Improvement

Security is a critical part of blockchain ecosystems. Most of the time, hash functions prevent hacking on the blocks but there are still many instances where exchange platform had been hacked.

Multi Block

Mobile Block

Block generated on mobile wallet

Table Block

Block formed by 10 Mobile Blocks gathered together.

Space Block

Block consisting of 8 Table Blocks and thus 80 Mobile Blocks.

Multi Block Structure

Mobile Blocks are generated through POGS, POT and POW in a 3-dimensional way by combining content, time and location data

An additional security layer is added by introducing a new Group Key for each of the 512 node

A new block is created exactly every eight seconds

4th Blockchain ecosystem


SOOM TECH will provide turnkey solutions for enterprises of all sizes and industries willing to incorporate Blockchain technology to their portfolio of services.

SOOM Wallet

In the first phase of its development, SOOM Wallet serves as an easy-to-use and secure SOOM Coin storage device on mobile and desktop.

Other business cases